Pretty and Smart Inc is currently looking for authentic and energetic women to join the team.  We are an early stage blogging platform that is ambitious to do more than blogging. Currently, our blog aggregator reaches up to 175 page views a week and 111 weekly visitors. This has been achieved through a simple automated system with little to no marketing involved. Imagine what we can build together with continuous fresh authentic content and a dedicated team helping to spread the word.

Why blog? First of all, why not! Writing is therapeutical and even more so when we feel it could help others. The power of words, of sharing stories and helping people feel that they are not alone in their journey is very gratifying. This should truly be the first reason why.  We want to spread the vision beyond our circle. We are also ambitious of turning this bigger than a blog.

All it will take form you is to share with us one blog post a month. This would be a great start. Beyond that, we would love to have you participate in our wine and cheese events or any other networking event Pretty and Smart chooses to participate in. We also welcome your creativity.  Pretty and Smart will soon be launching a podcast/vlog. Share your ideas with us!

Would you become a Pretty and Smart Ambassador? Confirm your interest today and participate to our first upcoming event where you will get to meet the other P&S Ambassadors Ladies.

Pretty and Smart Inc is more than a blog. It is a community of women helping each other out by sharing stories and tools to help us all on our continued journey to #EFII.

Our ambition is limitless.  Beyond the blog, Pretty and Smart Inc will soon be launching a podcast/vlog where we interview key women to share their stories. The concept is:
•Tell us what the words “pretty” and “smart” mean to you;
•Tell us what was the “aha” moment where you felt you figured out the fundamentals of #EFII;
•Tell us the tools you have used and continue using during this journey.

Furthermore, Pretty and Smart wishes to help the community and offer more tools. Imagine starting a foundation to help us collect money for scholarships! Let us help shape up the future of women. After all, you have probably heard the saying ” The Future is Female”.

What makes us different:
We encourage women to follow their chosen path. We don’t expect all women to become entrepreneurs, CEOs or the next Martha Stewart. We want women to CHOOSE independently whatever their desire may be; career, stay at home mom or both. But we believe that no matter what path you choose, the fundamentals of #EFII are crucial. This will allow you to truly choose your own path and never feel that “you had to”. It will also allow you to be prepared for any curveball thrown at you.