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Even the most career-minded person needs a break from time to time, and because you work so hard, your vacations must be all-out, no expense-spared excursions. You’ll find that after you return, you’ll be refreshed and re-motivated to pursue your work with greater energy.

What places should you visit? We could probably write a travel book detailing all the wonderful destination spots in the world.   But for brevity’s sake, we’ll keep it to a handful of the better options for  awesome vacations.

Staying in the States – New York City

What better place to take a vacation than the home of skyscrapers, urban gardens and the Statue of Liberty? New York is the place to be on the East Coast; just like California dominates the West Coast. By hitching a ride on the comprehensive Go New York Tours tour bus, you can experience the Big Apple from an elevated perch. If you want to see the Empire State building; plan ahead – the lines can be ridiculous during the tourist season.

There are countless experiences to be had in New York state; there’s peaceful salmon fishing available on Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, as well as the magical Niagara Falls and its associated Aquarium.

The Bright Lights of Tokyo, Japan

In some sense, Tokyo is even more like New York than the great state, itself! With skyscrapers in every direction stretching towards the heavens, this modern carry-over from Japan’s explosive 1980s industrialization phase attracts people from all over the world. If you’re a self-described “foodie,” then this is a must-visit for you.    Tokyo has more restaurants with the vaunted Michelin Star rating than any other single city on earth.

While there, you can also check out Odaiba for shopping, the Senso-ji Temple of the Japanese goddess of mercy, and the Tokyo Observation tower for a total view of the city.

Closer to Nature – the Masai Mara, Kenya

The Masai Mara is one of the largest nature reserves in Africa, and an exceptionally pristine place to go on safari. It’s located in the Kenya Rift Valley province, and spans nearly 600 square miles of savannah wilderness.

Although the Masai Mara is mostly untouched wilderness, you’re in incredibly safe and modern hands with the park guides. When you’re not out in an armored truck viewing lions, zebras and hippos in their natural habitat, you’re relaxing in an ultramodern hotel or lodge on the base. It’s paradise in the middle of the Kingdom of Lions.

Canada – Specifically, Vancouver

With the added benefit of being right next door to New York, Vancouver, British Columbia has more things to do than you possibly can on a single trip. The food at Lonsdale Quay and Granville Island is something to write home about.

For a more cultured experience, you can stop by any of a number of world-class arts and science venues. There’s the Orpheum Theatre, Science World and the Theatre Under the Stars. The Bloedel Conservatory can be your first stop on the way to a more nature-oriented visit, with Vancouver’s many parks and nature walks next in line.



You won’t ever see anything quite like the Pulau Ujong in this southern Malaysian city-state.  Especially when it lights up at night. A major global financial center, Singapore has a yearly visitation rate greater than its native population of over five million people. Perhaps it owes the rock-bottom prices of tourism – without sacrificing quality – to its status as a premier destination spot. You can secure high-class hotel accommodations at a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

To get an idea of what’s in store for you here, people sometimes call Singapore Asia for beginners.   It’s a former British colony with a tremendous variety in cuisine. There’s Indian food, Chinese, Malaysian (of course), Thai and more.   Once you get past the cost of the ticket flight here – you’ll get more bang for your buck than just about any other tourist destination in Singapore.


Take into considerations these choices we’ve outlined when planning your next trip.  You won’t waste your  time contemplating and researching your next vacation, and you’re bound to love it!

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