Business advice and connections can help boost your career. One of my favourite social media outlets is LinkedIn. I love to read anything business, career oriented, work, etc. and particularly when it involves women.  What amazes me the most is to see how women encourage and support other women. There seems to be this misconception of  ‘’cattiness’ among us. Well, I say that’s b.s. Nothing is more inspiring than meeting a strong, confident, go-getter woman!  Gwyneth has been an amazing inspiration. There are more and more female celebrities that become entrepreneurs. Another outstanding example of this is Jessica Alba. But for now let’s stick Gwyneth! Watch this video and take a few notes as Gwyneth talks about her attitude towards business and the success of goop. This is totally inspiring and motivating.

 ‘’When something is criticism that it’s not well researched, it doesn’t mean anything to me. Criticism that is well researched I listen to and I like. But you know all of that other stuff is noise. I’m so focused on what I’m doing. Meanwhile people can say this or that but meanwhile my business is doubling and doubling and doubling. ‘’

You go girl! 😉

LinkedIn Video

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